Two worlds collide in Boonslick Chordbusters and African Children's Choir concert

Young people from Africa in the African Children’s Choir and local barbershop chorus Boonslick Chordbusters will team up in a unique and charitable collaboration. 
Currently touring the Midwest, the choir has 19 children all from Uganda. The choir sings in three different languages combining traditional African songs with geographical favorites.
Choir tour leader Keira Carnie, originally from England, says the goal of the tour is to educate the Western world about Africa and the joy of the children, along with raising sponsorship to help the children go back to school.
The Boonslick Chordbusters will be the first local group that the choir teams up with.
“We have gone into schools, so we’re really excited and we’re currently rehearsing new songs for them,” says Carnie. “People who come will see that we’ve got really special songs that are not going to be performed anywhere else, so it’s quite a unique performance for us.”
President of Boonslick Chordbusters Chuck Bay began singing in barbershop chapters under the influence of his father and has been with the group for 20 years. In 2015, the group teamed up with African Children’s Choir, so this will be the second event they have accompanied them.
The two groups also explore one another's culture by singing a song each group knows while for the other it's the first time they're performing it.
“We just get to learn a new song and perform it with the big group," Bay says. "They’re very entertaining, energetic and are good performers. It’s fun to share a stage with them.”
Jennifer Roberts, who took the photography from the 2015 show and also volunteered as a host is planning on hosting three children and one chaperone this year when the group arrives.
“The children are delightful,” says Roberts. “They’re full of joy and talent. They are just so energetic and sing with such happiness. You can tell they’re enjoying it and you can tell they love it.”
For anyone who comes, they're sure to be moved by the two performances, Roberts says.
“It’s a very noble cause and it’s an interesting way to kind of make the world a smaller place,” Bay says. 
Originally published by Vox Magazine on June 26, 2017


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