Vox's guide to a vintage-inspired summer

Step back a few decades this summer, and get a feel for the retro remainders of CoMo from the past. From record shops to nostalgic dining to the great outdoors, we’re bringing you the best of the town’s old favorite haunts.


To go back in time, you have to dress the part. Stop in to Maude Vintage on Broadway for an outfit that will make you look like you came dressed straight out of the '70s. Catering to local designers, donated clothing articles and costumes for special occasions, Maude Vintage is one of the best stores in town to recreate the past.

Just down the road, find Peace Nook, a nonprofit store working toward a more “peaceful, just and sustainable future.” Located in a basement, Peace Nook is a one-stop shop where you can find anything from books, fair trade imports, natural foods, clothes and accessories and environmental products. What’s unique about Peace Nook is that it’s also an information and social change activism referral center, and since it’s nonprofit, it’s always open to new volunteers to keep it running.

The summer is never complete without a good soundtrack. Vinyl Renaissance & Audio of Columbia is throwing it back to provide an eclectic collection of new and used vinyl records and audio and media equipment. Take a break from Spotify, and dig through these endless vinyls instead.


Hop inside Broadway Diner for an old-school, classic all-American dining experience. Famed for its many offerings of old-fashioned comfort food ranging from various breakfasts, burgers, salads and homemade soups. Finish off with your choice of pie slice.

Long-standing Booche's is famous for its small-sized burgers served on wax paper. You can’t get any more original than this Ninth Street hangout serving breakfasts, hot dogs and burgers. Play a game of pool while you’re there, and feel like you’ve gone back in time.

Trade Sonic for Mugs-Up Drive-in on the north side of town. This family-owned and friendly drive-in restaurant is a must for original chili, burgers and fresh-made root beer.


Catch a movie at Ragtag for a relaxed night out to see unique and artistic films that you can’t catch at any other theater in town. Right next to locally owned record shop Hitt Records, the vibes from this side of Hitt Street will no doubt be a mid-Missouri throwback.

The best way to escape to any time period is by embracing the timeless outdoors. Take a hike, or bike to Rock Bridge Memorial State Park to gaze at the hidden, natural scenery of mid-Missouri. You can also find a historical tour of the Battle of Lexington, the Civil War, Harry S. Truman or Mark Twain.


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