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As an American, here is what I think about the anti-Trump protest outside Downing Street

As an American, I’ve witnessed the news of protests and riots across the US. I’ve seen students speak out on university campuses and I’ve heard the echoing chant of “not my president” over and over again. When I came to the UK, it didn’t stop. Thousands gathered in central London on Monday outside Downing Street, with crowds filling the length of Whitehall, from Parliament to Trafalgar Square, to protest against the UK’s silence in the face of President Donald Trump’s ‘travel ban’ on refugees and immigrants from seven Muslim majority countries. This was the second demonstration held in the capital against Trump’s policies in less a fortnight. I’ve never attended any kind of demonstration in my life. I’ve never felt that anything could be accomplished by marching or chanting. I always found it better just to talk about issues in person over going out in a large crowd with the potential of danger. Curiosity got the better of me this time; I wanted to see the British reaction to the ‘Musli…

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